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Thread: Colt Brake Adjustment

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    Post Colt Brake Adjustment

    My Colt pulls slightly to the right when I pull the hand brake. It's not dangerous...more of an annoyance. Happens even with brake hydraulic fluid topped off.

    Is there a simple way of adjusting the brakes?

    I have brake drums, not disk brakes.
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    There are 4 ecentric cams, 2 per side to adjust the shoes. Jack the wheel so that it turns freely, loosen the lock nut and turn the ecentric till the shoe just touches the drum, then back off just till it's free. However before you start I would remove the wheel and drum and inspect the linings and drum to be sure it is only out of adjustment and not have another problem.

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    delobo Guest


    Thanks! I'll start with the lining/drum inspection then move on from there.

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