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Thread: brake Identification... ?

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    Default brake Identification... ?

    I am trying to identify the double toe brake system on this thing. I sent pics of it to Peter Morrison who has the Williams STC and he thinks it isn't one of his kits from the past. It has pedals that are model A-1260 which the LPC drawing 1051 says is a Gurdes brand--- (it says Gurdes brake pedal A-1260 ). It also has installed a pair of
    Gurdes master cylinders on the pilots side with the integrated reservoir. (Gerges model A-049-4 which crosses to a Cleveland 10-35 and a grove 676---- Gerdes later bought by Cleveland....)

    The co-pilots side are the skinny ones but don't know model # yet. Down on the axles it has Cleveland wheels. Have not had those apart to see a caliper model #.

    LPC drawing # 1051 shows all 4 cylinders skinny - so it must have firewall mounted reservoir.

    When I look at the Williams drawing # WAC5000 …… the master looks like the same
    reservoir/master cylinder -- but the pedals are Cessna PN pedals.

    This would seem to look like neither a LPC or a Williams double toe brake installation.
    I am assuming you couldn't just change the pedals from Cessna to the A-1260 because I would expect the lClick image for larger version. 

Name:	100_3564.jpg 
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ID:	2836Click image for larger version. 

Name:	100_3564.jpg 
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ID:	2836inkage holes in the pedals would be in a different place between them (is that right ? they wouldn't be interchangeable would they ?) --- the idea that someone could have just switched pedals for some reason...… maybe didn't like the Cessna ones....

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	100_3563.jpg 
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ID:	2835
    Trying to determine if these were bought as part of an STC kit for if they were
    cobbled together from parts.....

    Tim B.
    PS--- when I compare the linkages - pivots and springs and all that with the LPC drawing--- it all looks the same
    - even the hole in the firewall for the coil spring looks correct. Everything looks the same except the master cyls having
    integrated reservoirs instead of a separate firewall mounted tank.
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