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NC Colt
05-30-2007, 09:22 AM
Has anyone used Wag Aero's repair service? My oil change yesterday is going to cost me alot more than I figured on.

They seem to be about $150 cheaper than the two places in Lock Haven, but about 5 wks longer.

Thanks Bill

05-30-2007, 12:37 PM
What instrument do you need repaired?

NC Colt
05-31-2007, 08:06 AM
Oil temp. Had to remove it to check the screen. A&P showed it to me before removal. He said it looked rough and it cracked the cap. tube when loosening.it

05-31-2007, 08:56 AM
That's one of the reasons I installed an oil filter adapter. I knew, if I kept pulling the screen housing, I would eventually damage the cap tube.

NC Colt
06-03-2007, 08:18 AM
which is why my statement expensive oil change. ECI adaptor$200,new guage $300, labor for A&P to watch,plane down till parts come in. All I wanted was an oil change.I still need to know if anyone has used Wag Aero's repair?

thanks Bill

Homer Landreth
06-03-2007, 02:58 PM
Can you describe again what actually cracked? (You said cap.tube) Did you break the sensing element, or the threaded nipple section that threads into the screen housing? The reason for the clarification is that it will impact the definition of the severity of your repair need. Relative to the Wag Aero repair, note that the catalog says that they do not give a yellow tag with the unit. Additionally, they sell it as a Code 8 which means it is completely undefined as to whether it is PMA, STC, home made, etc. Basically, no yellow tag and/or no PMA or STC has you to the equivalent to finding it laying out on the flight line somewhere. If you use it, you have to have an A/P "buyoff" with a serviceability endorsement that it is suitable for use and is working properly when installed in your plane. But, if all you did was break the brass threaded nipple, you could have a good welding person de-solder the probe, put a new fitting on it, re-solder the probe, and put it back in and your A/P would only be certifying that the sensor was welded back on properly after the fitting was replaced, and it works the same as before, all that was done was change the broken fitting. Now, if you broke the sensing element, then you need to go to an instrument repair shop because to replace the sensing element, you will need to have it certified accurate after it is installed with the gauge. With all questions like this on this forum you will get a lot of answers relative to what someone else got by with. That doesn't mean it was legal, it only means that the situation was not up for review by someone else who could hold a differing opinion or regulatory interpretation. I used to have a limited instrument rating repair shop, and my answer is predicated on the way I used to do things for some types of instrument repair, and what I described is what I suspect that an instrument shop will tell you if you ask. However someone else may come in here with is the belief that you should just get a Wag-Aero unit and install it with a "don't ask, don't tell philosophy". So it is your choice. (Look at the fine print for Wag-Aero though, it takes about a month and a half to get it back if you send it for repair.) Also, did you get informed of the need to buy the adapter fitting that goes into the ECI filter that the temp probe actually threads into. If you didn't, you need it, and can find it on the B&C Specialties WEB site. It costs about $10.00.) Good Luck