View Full Version : top cover for instrument panel

02-24-2008, 10:53 PM
looking for suggestions for material to use for top cover on glare shield ?

jay heil
02-24-2008, 11:29 PM
they make new ones made out of carbon fiber they were 200 .oo a cpl yrs ago thats the way i would go they are very nicly made i can get contact info later

02-25-2008, 02:52 AM
I formed one with 0.020 or 0.025 (can't remember) and covered with some aircraft cert gross point fabric. did not come out too bad.

02-26-2008, 02:32 AM
I made a fiberglass lay-up then covered it with short looped black carpet. My clip board and what ever else I don't want to slip off have a piece of velcro hook glued to the bottom. The velcro hook grabs the carpet very well. My check list also has velcro on the back. If I still had hair on my head I wouldn't misplace that check list so often. I would stick it where i could find it. WAyne