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Super Pacer
08-26-2012, 08:32 PM
So, even though this is about a certified Pacer, this seems to fit better here in the Experimental area!

Even for those that like Short Wing Modifications, this is probably over the edge, but if you get the chance to visit, you WILL enjoy the Ride! So first for the credits to Sven at Svenn's Aviation's STC SA02846CH: Installation of MT Propeller on PA22-20 180 aircraft and Larry and John at Flight Resource, they located the MTV-15-B/210-58 prop and ran it through the factory over haul process so when I received the prop it was in pristine shape.
I now have about 10 hours on it, some local and a cross country to Sedona and back. It performs super, with the following general "feelings": The prop is 29.5 lbs lighter (prop & spinner) than the Hartzell & spinner that I removed, so the CG moved back an inch or so throughout the range so that improved the feel and flare a bit. The acceleration & take off improved (the Hartzell was 75 inches, the MT is 83 inches in diameter), and when on downwind - base to final turn and you pull the power off, it really acts like a speed brake and you see the VSI go negative!
At idle, you do feel some small vibration (probably due to the lighter rotating mass of the composite blades versus the Hartzell. On power the engine is smooth and the spool up is quicker due to the same.
Cruse performance is similar to the Hartzell, with my Pacer and the big tires it isn't a total speed demon but it does still achieve reasonable cruse speeds of 120 Kts, but to do that I'm seeing 2500 rpm and 20 inches MP (10,000 – 12,000 elevation). Fuel burn is probably something over 9 gph. If I reduce to 2300 fuel consumption is in the lower 8's and the speed is down 10, so no big deal either way.
Will do some more testing a soon as the OAT's get a bit lower in a few weeks, as the density altitude has been 7000 to 8500 her at Ogden (actual altitude about 4500) so the performance has been somewhat limited, can't wait to get down to sea level!!
While there isn't anyway to "Justify" this modification, I was going to need to replace the Hartzell and the MTV was "only" $1,500 more than a new Hartzell..................
Over all I like it and the COOL Factor is right up there too! As I get the time in, we will compare it to Kevin's 180 Pacer (Best PA22-20 at this years’ SWPC Convention) his Pacer has a 76 X 60 fixed pitch prop and probably 50 lbs lighter. Should be a good match. More to follow, please post questions or stop into Ogden,
Having trouble adding Photos, will get it sorted out tomorrow.
Enjoy the day...........John

09-01-2012, 08:43 PM
Very cool, John. Looking forward to seeing the pictures!


09-01-2012, 10:54 PM
Great story,love to see the pictures.


09-03-2012, 09:20 AM
Pacer w/MT Prop Pictures (http://www.shortwingpipers.org/forum/showthread.php?8023-MTV-Prop-for-the-Pacer&highlight=prop)

Super Pacer
09-10-2012, 06:14 PM
Sorry, I was having trouble uploading photos....old guy issues, I guess! So, the support from Flight Resources (source for all MT props) was great, and the quality of the over hauled prop excellent. I had a really old Hartzel C/S on the plane since comoleting the total restoration, nonimally a three project, but I'm now aware that it never ends..........the mods that it, much more fun flying and ocassionally down for a day or to for an addition!! In any case, the MTV installation was similar to the Hartzel, except it is nearly 26 lbs. lighter, so you don't need a engine hoist to lift it into position. Remove the ons shipping cap in the flange of the MTV, hold in position and start the 1/2 SAE captive studs (prop bolts) into the crank and slowly wrench them into position, keeping everything square to the world. The prop comes with a matched spinner & bulkheads (already attached and part of the factory static balance), the installation manual is well written and covers everything necessary to own and mantain the prop. My IA was happy withthe over haul / release form and the prop log book entries. So, back to the torque of the prop bolts, checking track of the blades and safeting the prop bolts, install the spinner and button up the cowl. The Hartzel was already off the plane, so this installation was about two hours, not so bad.
We have 12 hourd on it now, one cross country down to Sedons & Cottonwood, AZ last month and several local flights. It is really a Kick inthe Pants on acceleration, and so far, I haven't anything better than 300 ft or so takeoff distance, it had been hot this summer and typically 7500 density altitude the norm. Can't wait to get out to Santa Maria CA and try out Oceano Airport, right at sea level, 65 degrees and moist air!! Please post questions, enjoy the day, John Utah Pacer

09-10-2012, 08:24 PM
Hey John, thanks for the pics! It looks great, not that it didn't before, but with this new MT it looks like your Pacer really means business. I'm sure it's a rocket at sea level, you'll have to bring it out to CA and give it a try!


Super Pacer
09-11-2012, 10:02 AM
Thanks Kurt,

Working a "trip" to Santa Maria (Vandenberg AFB) in October, so maybe will fly the Pacer and add a day or so for visiting!! Would like to see you and Mark for sure.
Enjoy the day, John