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10-23-2013, 11:33 PM
Hello to all,

My name is Bill Sponsler and I live in the Chicago area. Just joined SWPC as I am interested in buying at PA-15/17. Two months ago I had no idea what a Vagabond was, but as I've been looking at different types of planes that would meet my needs, the desires of my father, brother, wife, and son, it is a great fit. I was able to sit in one a few weeks ago, and was sold instantly as I did not feel cramped in the cockpit. In a perfect world I would love to find one with a C-85 and a starter, but I'm looking at everything right now. If there is any advice about the vagabond, I'm all ears.



Troy Hamon
10-24-2013, 01:17 AM
Welcome and good luck! I have no experience with the 15/17 series, so no help there, but glad to have you here.

Jim Hann
10-24-2013, 04:10 AM
Welcome Bill.