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11-14-2013, 04:27 PM
I am posting for a friend who has the following engines for sale. Not really applicable to many SWP's (Vag?), but there might be someone who needs them for a non-SWP project.

Continental A-75 1891 TT 0 SMOH

All connecting rods and lifters reconditioned.
Crankshaft is -.010.
All Cylinders are +.015.
100 oct valves.
All parts specified specified to be replaced IAW TCM SB have been replaced.
New pistons and rings
O/H'ed Shielded Eismann mags, new harness and plugs.
O/H'ed Stromberg carburetor.

$8500.00 + Shipping (Engine located near Sacramento, CA)
************************************************** *********

Continental A-65 4834 TT 0 SMOH

Crankshaft is -.010
STD Chrome Cyl's
Reconditioned rods, lifters, and cam.
100 oct valves
New parts per TCM S/B
Bendix or Eismann mags available
O/H'ed Stromberg Carburetor.

$8500 + Shipping (Engine located near Sacramento, CA)

All work done by A&P, and engine builder since 1959. My PA-20 flies behind one of Walt's 0-320's!
For additional information, call Walter Kuhn on 209-748-2439.