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10-07-2016, 04:52 PM
Hello SWP community,

I have been lurking around the forum awhile now and just registered an account to ask for some opinions. A little about me, I am originally from Ohio and joined the Coast Guard when I turned 18. I have been working on and flying in the back of H-60's. I've been stationed in Astoria, OR the Middle East; Elizabeth City NC; Kodiak, AK; and now San Diego, CA. I met my wife in Kodiak and really fell in love with the place. We plan to finish my CG career here in San Diego and move back to the Wassila area in Alaska. In the meantime we are loving San Diego and preparing for our future adventures back up north. Currently I have my A&P and am working on my AI. Soon we hope to purchase an airplane that we will both get our PPL's in and use for hunting in AK and hopefully some fish spotting for my father in law's commercial fishing outfit. We have a lot to learn and are just having a blast while persueing it in the meantime, I look forward to everyone's input on future forum posts.

Fred Mayes
10-08-2016, 11:20 PM
Thanks for coming on the SWPC Forum and introducing your self. We like to hear from new members. We don't have much activity on this forum but would like you to keep the forum posted on what you are doing learning to fly and how you are coming along on purchasing of an aircraft. Have fun.

Fred Mayes