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07-19-2018, 09:55 AM
I am happy to be returning to general aviation. My flying history began in general aviation and ended up in the left seat at United Airlines flying all over the world. While the big iron is a great way to make a living, general aviation is where my heart is.

My best friend turned me onto tail wheel aircraft in the 70s and I was hooked. We owned and operated the FBO at CDS in the 80s and I had a 135 operation using a C-185 and D-18 hauling oil field parts and tools. I've owned two short wings, an all original 1950 PA-20 and a 1956 PA-22/20.

I actually had to take early retirement due to a medical issue which has since been resolved and have a valid 2nd Class. My good buddy who introduced me to tail wheels in a 7GCBC all those years ago found me a nice 1957 PA-22/20. It is currently in the shop getting a thorough pre-buy inspection and an annual. If all goes well I'll pick it up and bring it home to SN95...the strip where I learned to fly.

I was a member of the SWPC when I owned the other SWs, but there was no internet then, so no forum. I will rejoin if and when I secure another SW. I have enjoyed reading posts and getting back into the "community". The club and this forum are certainly valuable assets to any SW owner. Thanks for being here!


Fred Mayes
07-19-2018, 10:53 AM
Mike , it is good to hear from you, and welcome aboard the Forum. It will be good when you join the Short Wing Piper Club. The SWPC 2019 Convention will be held in Wichita.
Where in Kansas is Sylvia located?

Fred Mayes
Pacer N7478K
SWPC Board Member

07-19-2018, 12:15 PM
Thanks. Wichita is relatively close, I'm about 35 west of Hutchinson.

10-03-2018, 10:12 AM
Okay, the plane is finally in my hanger! The delay was not due to any issues with the plane, simply logistics. At any rate, N7745D is now mine. I just joined the club, again, after many years. 45D has less than 500 hrs on the overhaul, has the strut and exhaust mods, Madras wing tips and the skylight STC. 800-6 tires give me reasonable off pavement ability, but it seems to have a 60” pitch on the prop so likely will try to have it tweaked closer to 58. First I need to double check static RPM and a digital tach so I know where I am for sure. Glad to be back!