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    Default Piper in a Cessna

    Thought you guys might like to see what the cockpit looks like after the tanks are installed for a Pacific crossing. Not much wiggle room left for the pilot, considering one has to sit there for 16+ hours.

    This is another shot of my daughter Piper sitting in a C-206 that I delivered to a doctor in Kona from Santa Maria CA.

    It was an especially long flight, as the auto pilot went tu right after takeoff, and then the vacuum pump failed about 7 hours short of Hawaii. Wasn't too bad, before the sun went down, but after that I had 5.5 hours of partial panel flying while IMC.
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    I need to figure out how to make these photos a little larger. It's hard to make out the large fuel tank sitting where the co-pilot's seat is. Of course there's another large one aft of that.

    As I remember, this C-206 had around 320 gallons total for takeoff.

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    HI Ed,
    I bet that 206 carried the load without any problem,,, it always amazed me what they could haul on wheels. Do you do ferrying for a living or was this a one time trip? If you do lots you might want to look at www.turtlepac.com for a different type of tank that is easy to ship home for the next trip.
    I did a Pacific crossing last October in a Douglas Invader A-26. The company I work for used to use them for fire bombing, great airplane. A collector in Aus bought one so we converted the bomb tank into a fuel tank and added a ferry oil tank so we could keep the oil topped up in flight. Takeoff fuel was 12,000lbs, despite a bunch of spares, tools and extra 80 gallons of oil we were still under max takeoff weight. About 6500 gallons of gas, a little more than 100 gallons of oil and 40 some hours of flying and we got to Brisbane.

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