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    Default Pretty Pictures Photo Contest

    Page 4 of the Mar-Apr 2007 issue of the Short Wing Piper News announced a Pretty Picture Contest for members to vie for getting color photos printed in the News in our annual after convention color issue.
    Kent O'Kelly is our public relations action officer for this project and he has generated the following encouragement for you to enter your favorite photos.
    Please heed Kent's request and let us see your favorite photos. Entries are not restricted to one per member. If you have several unique and interesting photos, send them to Kent and trust the judges to agree with you. Be sure to identify people, places and things for proper caption generation.

    Thank you,
    Cliff Van Vleet

    Guys and GalsÖ

    IÃ*ve seen some really good pictures on our website. Some of ëem are candidates for out photo contest. I know that many (all?) of you have at least one aviation related picture that youÃ*re proud of. How about sending it to me for entry in our photo contest, to be judged at our 2007 convention in Hutchinson, KS? Pictures can be digital or prints. DoesnÃ*t matter. WeÃ*ll get ëem entered.

    HereÃ*s the deal. You send in any picture that isnÃ*t obscene to me and IÃ*ll enter it in the contest. IÃ*ll even feel free to go to our website and pick a few myself.

    Subject matter is your choiceÖairplanes, people, landscapes from the air, restorations, tongue in cheek pictures, anything even remotely related to aviation. IÃ*ve sent one in and am thinking of two more to submit. Pictures donÃ*t have to be great, donÃ*t have to be serious. The best pictures will likely be something unusual, but thatÃ*s the call of the judges.

    All pictures will travel to our convention in Hutchinson, be displayed, and voted on by the judgesÖthe members at the membership meeting during the convention. IÃ*m not about to be the judge. Judges will be anybody at the convention who wants to vote.

    Winners will be announced by Cliff, shown at our Thursday night banquet, and published in the color section of the Short Wing Piper News that follows the convention. WeÃ*ll publish the best pictures as selected by the membership as an album in the News.

    This photo contest is intended to be fun. The world wonÃ*t stop turning if you donÃ*t send in pictures for the contest. But, weÃ*d all enjoy seeing the best you have to offer.

    Send to:
    Kent OÃ*Kelly
    2425 Rocky View Road
    Castle Rock, CO 80108 or, via email to:
    I can accept nearly any file size you want to send.

    Be Good to Yourself,

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    A little more juice in the website so we don't have to cut down the photo resolution might help.

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