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Thread: Looking for a Clipper owner

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    microburst Guest

    Default Looking for a Clipper owner

    Hello. I am trying to locate a Clipper owner who is a professional photographer. His Clipper is white with blue -- a beautiful rebuild some years back. We saw him at Oshkosh 3 years ago -- he was parked with all the rest of you shortwingers. Sorry I don't have much more to go on. Thanks.

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    JohnW Guest


    Would that be Presten's Aero Photography's Clipper on floats??? Their's is actually Blue and CREAM... If that's not the one, then Google PA-16 and when it finds everything, then click on "IMAGES" in the upper left corner and have at it for yourself.

    Take a look at Presten's at: http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y32...esten_9452.jpg

    If that IS the one you mean, then just go to www.landings.com and when you open up that page, near the bottom, in the 2nd column from the left, click on "Database" and then do a "Basic Search". Put in the N number (the "N" is already there, but leave out the "C" in "NC", because the database does not recognize the "antique" Commercial category designation, only the "NxxxxX" part. Just put in the four numbers with the "H" at the end and hit enter) and you can get their address as listed in the FAA Database. Its SUPPOSED to be "current".

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    Glen Geller Guest


    Looks like 5875H on the Preston PA16.
    You can also try the FAA Registry,
    where you can enter an N number and it will give the official latest updated FAA info.

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    microburst Guest


    Thanks so much. I believe this is who I am looking for! BA

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