Type A/C: Pa22-20
Engine: HP: 160
Propeller: Sensenich 74x61 700 hour since new, good condition
Wheelpants: none fitted,
Wing Tip Mods: standard
Mods: no strut or fuse fairings
Altitude: 7000 AMSL
OAT at flight level: 8C or 46.4 F
Altimeter setting: 1015 MB
RPM Mech. Tach: 2600 full throttle
Digital Tach: none
GS by GPS 113.75 knots or 130.98 MPH
Track out: Four directions flown North, West, South and East.
Track Back:

The empty weight of VH-ELK is 525 KG's or 1157lb's empty, the test was flown with just myself and fuel load, the loaded weight was 703 KG's or 1550lb's.

Comments: I flew this three times, first time flying just four directions getting an average of 113.75 knots or 130.98 MPH with full power.

Next time I flew 12 points of the compass at full power at the same height 7000 feet and averaged 111.6 knots or 128.5 MPH.

Last time flying at 7000 again only doing 2500 revs flying the 12 points of the compass again and got 106.75 knots or 122.9 MPH.

Aircraft finish is what I'd call utility or functional with dope finish. Standard fit throughout including cowl with oil cooler at the front, the only change from standard would be 800 X 6.00 tyres. Oh and the colour is yellow