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    Default N3342Z data

    N#: N3342Z
    Type A/C: PA22/20-150
    Engine: HP: 150 HP
    Propeller:Sensenich M74DA58
    Wheelpants: Yes, "Miss Pearl"
    Wing Tip Mods: Yes, Ferguson Plane Booster Tips
    Any other mods that are pertinent: Rudder and Elevator gap seals like "Miss Pearl"
    Altitude: 7,000 feet
    OAT at flight level: -6 C (21F)
    Altimeter setting: 30.01
    RPM Mech. Tach: 2520 RPM
    Digital Tach: None
    Ground Speed by GPS or Loran, 10 mile course:
    Track out: Heading 270 degrees 10 mile leg = 94.9 kts/hour average ground speed
    Track Back: Heading 090 degrees 10 mile leg = 128.85 kts/hour average ground speed
    Comments: The engine is high time with 1,930 hours SMOH. The empty weight of the a/c is 1,135.75 lbs.

    Juergen Nies
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