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    Default Race Results Compilation

    Its great to see results starting to be posted.
    We plan to compile the results and publish a data base after the Race is finished. We are thinking how best to publish interim data, also. Comments and ideas are solicited.
    As far as additonal flight data, ie climb performance, stall speed , takeoff distance, etc, we plan to develop this for next year's Great Short Wing Piper Performance Data Contest, or equivalent. We want to prolong this flight test experience for as long as possible! Stay tuned.
    Will Forsythe says, More data please, either on the forum or snail mail or email.
    Cliff Van Vleet, President

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    If I might be so bold as to suggest that all flight tests be as close to directly into and away from thewind. Even a direct cross wind is a head wind. If you don't believe me try setting up a flight with your trusty E6B Put a 20 hnot crosswind at 90 deg. see what it does to your ground speed. If you have always thaught you were always flying into a headwind your not too far from wrong. Almost 2/3 of the time you are flying into a head wind.
    As soon as i can find a calm early morning out here in the desert I will fly a test flight.

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    For that reason I use (in general) a triangular course to determine the true ground speed. This way you should always catch a tailwind as well.


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