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    Default Ignition harness

    I have the 65 Lyc in my Vagabond and would like to know if anyone out there is aware of what is needed to install a shielded ignition. I think the mags are ok but am wondering about the spark plug wires and plugs.

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    JohnW Guest


    If you still have the old style magnetos...they are NOT okay and trying to install shielded harnesses and "quiet" plugs will be throwing good money after bad. You'll "enjoy" just about the same amount of "snap-crackle-pop" as you have now (guess you can't hear your hand-held, huh?). If you have the new style mags, you are most of the way there already!!! All you need now is a set of shielded wires and "modern" aircraft spark plugs and there ya be! Course, you'll have to add shielded P-leads as well and a couple "grounds", but that's nothin'.

    Ya know, I went through all this in the late '70s, but there was no "hand-held Comm radio" then (my friends said I mucked up their TVs when I rattled the shingles on their houses). Then I figured out that one of the BENEFITS of having a NoRad airplane is...you don't HAVE to talk to anybody! I ALWAYS slide open my side window and holler out "HEY! I'M GONNA LAND DOWN THERE!" religiously, so as not to be a "hazard to anybody's operations" (exactly like I holler out "Watch out for the motor!" every time I prop it. Until "See and Avoid" ceases to be the watchword that EVERYBODY should be flying by, "they" will NEVER require a radio of any sorts in an airplane that never had an electrical system. Can't fly into "C" airspace? That's GOOD! That's where the Airline Jockeys got their seats lowered all they way down (must think they're drivin' a chopped rod, eh?) and they can't see out anyway...you don't WANNA be where guys are listening to their TCAS for your transponder to "call out your presence". That is precisely why I have always said "A man that can only have ONE airplane should have a Vagabond...AND a Pacer." If "people at the airport" don't LIKE IT, buy a farm out in the Class D (or farther out) and you can tell THEM what they have to do.

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    d.grimm Guest


    PennYan used to run a sale on a pair of Slick mags, harness and plugs for about $1000.00
    I converted the A-65 in the Cub and a handheld works great. Not sure about mags for the Lycoming.


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