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Thread: Economic of Flying a Short Wing (NOT)

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    Default Economic of Flying a Short Wing (NOT)

    I went on a business trip last week from Winchester, Virginia (OKV) to St. Louis, Missouri (CPS). I had previously booked on an airline for $368 round trip fare.
    Since the weather was suppose to be nice from Thursday (9/18) through Sunday (9/21) I canceled the airline ticket which cost me $150 and flew the Pacer instead. The flight out on Thursday was very nice in good weather and a slight tailwind. I had filed IFR for the 568 Mile trip and since I can carry 56 Gallon of fuel I made it none stop in 5.5 hours including taxing, receiving my IFR clearance and IFR release. The trip back was 5.7 hours including everything due to a slight head wind. However, the weather changed in St. Louis for Sunday and I had to pick my way (with the help of a very good controller) through a line of moderate to heavy rain in IMC condition. Here are the numbers:

    1) Total trip 1,136 Nautical Miles
    2) Total time 11.2 hours PIC
    3) Total fuel 87 Gallon
    4) Average speed 105 Knots (airborne including climb)
    5) Average fuel economy 13 Miles per Gallon
    6) Total cost for parking $10
    7) Total cost for fuel $512.66

    If I add the $150 for canceling the airline ticket the cost for the trip was $672.66 vs. the $368 for taking the airline plus $30 I would have paid to park my car.

    Fuel: $512.66, Parking: $10, Fun Factor: Priceless

    Pacer 3342Z

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    Add the frustration of TSA, people fighting over the overhead bins and time spent waiting at the airport. Flying yourself was probably good therapy too.

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    Most of my flying is done purely for the sake of flying. The fact that I travel to a destination is a side effect. The cost of fuel is completely attributed to recreation cost. On the rare occasions that I actually fly somewhere I would have needed to go to anyway, I consider all avoided cost and unpleasantness of the other form of transportation to be pure savings.

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    I wouldn't have booked an airline in the first place (wink)!


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