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    Does anyone know the regs for using certified vs non certified interior fabric?

    Is there a reg that says if I remove the flammable side wall covering that I have to replace it with treated fabric. I thought there was a general rule that you could go back with the same type materials that the factory installed, I am not sure they had treated fabric in 56.

    Also, I am looking for a method to re-label the instrument panel and fuel valve panel. I want something that is permanent and looks good.

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    I just went to my local graphics shop and had all the labels made. cost me about $20 and you can just peal and stick.
    As for fabric, there is a burn test that you would want to try and see if the product is in fact burn proof. One of the real mechanics will jump in here I am sure. I highly recommend a cerified product and I would give it a burn test as well.
    Tom T.

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    Thanks, CAR-3 was what I was looking for. I think people get confused with the current FAR's and the TC that T-pacers were certified under.

    I haven't had a lot of time to research the topic this week but what I have read pertained mostly to transport category aircraft or airplanes for hire.

    I think most modern automotive materials meet the flash resistant spec. I think using certified materials is a good practice but lacks some merit as being the only choice.

    A little time spent eliminating possible flame sources such as questionable electrical wiring or fire proofing around the fuel pump and battery would be a little more cost effective, especially if you have an aux fuel tank under the back seat.

    I read that once you shampoo a treated seat or carpet you remove a lot of the retardant.

    I will keep researching the topic

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    I am looking for a wholesaler to by upholstery for my Piper
    Thanks Dave


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