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Thread: A greeting and pictures from South America

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    Default A greeting and pictures from South America

    It is always good to hear from members outside the U.S. and see their flying world. Thanks Patrico for the letter and for the pictures. (Our compliments on the attractive subject of picture three, but . . . uh . . .next time move those airplanes out of the picture. )
    Best Regards

    Dear Friends at SWPC,

    A little update on my CC-PGF featured among the interesting short wings. I still own it, now it is reaching 1000 tach hours and quite fine.
    In the last few months I was noticing it becoming slow, no more than 95 mph at the usual cruising 2400 RPM, until one day RPMs in the take off roll and climb out rose to an indicated 2700 RPM. My seat of the pants indicator and ears did not register any abnormal noise, so I suspected the tach started reading above real by about 200 RPM.
    I had the tach taken out and checked. Bingo, at 2500 RPM it was marking 200 more RPM than it should have. After repairing an inner axle of the instrument and calibration, the plane flies again close to 120 MPH IAS while in the climbout it shows some 2400 RPMs. A simple $40 fix to regain speed and peace of mind.

    I still blow oil by the vent. A Qt every 10 hrs or so. Sometimes quicker, sometimes slower. The belly does not get dirty but the left main landing gear's inner strut does get oily. Any suggestion?

    Finally, find attached some pics of CC-PGF air to air near Santiago and also of CC-PNU, an acquaintance's PA22-150 also based in Central Chile. Where both planes appear together parked at the apron of SCCH close to a Twin Otter, my wife Patty is in front.

    Patricio Silva
    Santiago, Chile

    psb9024@vtr.net, but more usually, this patricio.silva.barroilhet@gmail.com
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails foto PGF12.jpg   fotoPGF9.JPG   PGF y PNU en SCCH Oct 07.JPG   PNU Oct 2007.JPG  


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