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    Anyone have a weight and balance excel program for weight and balance on a 1959 tri-pacer 22/150 they would like to share?
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    Default Weight and Balance

    I have a 1960 PA22/20. I have an Excel file that I made myself with instructions that somebody put on a website. If your envelope is just a straight rectange or square it's really simple. It gets more complicated if there is a slope or in my case two slopes. I'm attaching a zip file that has a link to the instructions I used to build my own (it's all math). The zip file also contains my customized spreadsheet so you can see how mine is different from the example. My plane has two slopes and the instructions only tell you how to build one so you have to interpolate. You can look at mine to see how I did it. Also pay close attention to whether you should be putting a positive or a negitive number in your formula. I have one of each in mine but at first I didn't put the correct sign and it didn't work correctly (of coarse!). Give it a try and if you need any help let me know. The cool part is that once I got it right I put it on my Blackberry and now I can do a weight and balance in about 60 seconds standing out on the ramp. I took a trip last week and had to takeoff with less than full fuel because I had myself and two full size men aboard plus a little luggage. The spreadsheet makes it easy to load the passengers first then add the fuel to see how many gallons will put you right at gross.
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    If you have a smartphone, I use WnB Pro. It allows you to 'build' your airplane exactly and put in the CG envelope. Pretty easy to set up the first time, then it's lightning fast to use when you're ready to do your computation. Playing around with different loadings and weights are very easy and quick. What i've also done is build a w&b 'grid' to match what the app produces using a 'table' in MS Word, matching size, shape and data points. I have this printed out on my flight log sheets for each flight. I input my data in the app, compute it, then copy the CG 'dot' right onto my paper, along with the weights and CG. Before, I was using the app and the w&b grid in my POH. The data points on that grid did not match up with the app's so the 'dot' would be in a different place, requiring some interpolation in my plotting. Now, with both grids matched up, it's easy to transfer the CG dot correctly, accurately, and QUICKLY. Great little tool for the pocket!
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    Good to know, I'll have to look into that app. I have used Jeppesen's Flight Star program for a bunch years, which allows you to build a custom performance and wt & bal model for your airplane. It works ok, but is clunky, slow, and certainly not optimal as it has to run on a PC.
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    I use Aviation W&B on my iPad. You can make your own setups or. Download pre-setup w&b for yours.


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