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Thread: best glide for tri pacer

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    Default best glide for tri pacer

    I just bought a 1952 tri pacer and can not find in POH what the best glide ratio is does anybody know. What should I pitch for?

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    The trouble is airspeed indicator calibration. These shortwings seem to vary from one example to another. For mine it looks like it is about 78-80 mph IAS. I'm not sure where min sink is, but it should be about 60-65 mph. (I need to go out and experiment with this). Want distance, use best glide, want time, min sink. Try this. Get on a long final above 80 mph and hold fixed pitch attitude that will let the speed slowly decay. Your sight picture should visibly change from going forward to sinking somwhere between 70 and 75 mph.
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    Find the BEST ANGLE of CLIMB SPEED, that is MAX L/D and it will be the same speed for best glide ....................

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    I use 84mph for best distance over the ground and 74mph for steeper approaches. I have used 64mph but that leaves little speed at touchdown in case I flair too high.

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    Over the years I have toyed with finding the best glide (best distance) and have found 70 mph, (also the best angle of climb) gives the best distance. This is for a 150 hp '56 Tri-Pacer with VGs. Have read that half way between best angle and best rate (84) would give the best glide range, But experimentation shows that 70 gives a distance of approx. 1.3 naut. miles per thousand feet while 77 and 84 are closer to 1 mile. Not much dif., but it could come in handy. Of course wind would play a significant part and my figures may have been with or against the wind, I don't recall which.


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