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Thread: Utah Back Country Airstrip - Mexican Mountain 1464'x40' PA22-160

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    Default Utah Back Country Airstrip - Mexican Mountain 1464'x40' PA22-160

    The Utah desert in the spring is beautiful and a great place to camp.
    This is an area we can only hike or fly into so we share it with hikers and fliers.
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    Default Mexican Mountain

    I was up to Mexican Mountain in May of last year. I agree it is a great place to camp. Be very careful where you step, I did see a rattler moving around in the salt ceders next to the river. If you're going to go in the river, you need some river sandals because the rocks are very sharp and slippery on top of that. My brother-in-law was in there a few weeks ago, and planned on stopping in Hunnington for gas but their internet connection wouldn't connect and he couldn't get gas out of the self serve pump. You might want to check ahead and make sure it is working or just go on to Price.
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