Does anyone know if the part shown below is an original part of the left exhaust stack & muffler assembly (part number 11831) for the PA-17 Vagabond? I believe this portion of the assembly is identical to the PA-11, so any information indicating if these parts are on the PA-11 exhaust in the same place would also be useful. It appears these may be a modification (crude and made of mild steel) rather than Piper factory original. I'm having this assembly repaired to replace corroded flanges, and I'm trying to determine if this part should be replaced or removed during the repair as it is also corroded. Drawing number 11831 would provide a quick answer to this question, but it is not included on either of the drawing CDs. The PA-11 drawing of interest is 12232.

Here's a picture of the whole assembly. The part in question is on the lower right portion of the picture.