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    Shoot. I didn't realize Georgia had been moved to the NORTHEAST !! Anybody got some 600:6 snowtires for sale?? REID

    Hello folks,

    The GA chapter continues to smolder with a few dye-hards getting together. Joe Burley invited us into his new digs at the elite private Brooks Bridge Airpark 8GA9. It was an 8 minute flight for me and I've always wanted to try their grass out since purchasing the Pacer in '01. I finally got an invite after 10 years. THANKS JOE !

    Harold Spivey, GA Chapter Mentor and ShortWing Encyclopedia was there and Joe gave us a good look at his PA-20 restoration. Most interesting was his new Culver Cadet. Really excellent
    Short-Low-Wood-Wing. Joe was heading to SnF the next day, and I'm sure had many visitors at his "Culver Display".

    My new mission is to land at any airfield I see a Short Wing Piper and investigate. I spotted an forlorn old Tripe a few months ago not far away at a private strip under a shed with high grass and mud-daubers. Yes I noted all this from airborne reconnaissance. Will report soon.

    I have not been to the SWPC website for a while but very glad to see people are here. I will reply on our next meeting in Columbus GA April 14th if I can make it, or if Harold doesn't; and hopefully someone can pick up Theresa Rush (she is now one of us Peach Staters) and fly her down too.

    Keep the Faith, REID MURPHY

    P.S. I have a pic of the Culver, just need to figure out how to post it.
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    Good update! Can you take pictures of any Shortwings you see during your mission? Send them to swpcphotos@gmail.com. Thanks!

    This goes for everyone!

    Ex-Vice President

    63' Colt

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    Reid, you're welcome back anytime you want to stop by! It was nice to finally meet you and that is one beautiful Pacer!
    I'll be planning some bigger and better gatherings in the future (and I'll have food & drinks next time)!

    Sun n Fun was great this year, the weather was fantastic and it was really nice to see everyone again (and meet some really great new friends).

    I'll try to post a few photos as soon as I get a minute, working solid all weekend...

    Best regards,


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