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Thread: Wintertime Projects

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    Default Wintertime Projects

    Taking the time during the brief CA rainy season to send both mags and my old AN Directional Gyro out for overhaul. Also going to get the ultra-sonic strut inspection AD done. Even going to change the ignition harness and the oil and filter, too! I know, I know, I'm a wild man..

    What's your winter project? (Jim Hann need not respond, we KNOW you're enjoying your complete wing and tail recover!)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kurts View Post
    (Jim Hann need not respond, we KNOW you're enjoying your complete wing and tail recover!)

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    Oh where do I start...

    I can say that it it started as an annual and one thing led to another.
    My initial 'plan' in addition to completing the annual was to run new wires through the wings for LED nav-strobe lights... my Oshkosh purchase.. ;-)
    And... as I had noticed that the old felt on the baffling was, in many places, not contacting the cowling, I also planned to change to silicon seals.

    So... to facilitate running the new wires down the wings, I had removed the fuel tank covers and found they had been rubbing on the tanks...
    add a new project or two.. install new felt on the tank hold down straps and tank cover panels, and install new fuel sender gaskets, as I found one had been seeping some. I have also had a nuisance oil leak... not enough even to drip on the hangar floor, but enough to chase down... so, replacement of the engine sump gasket was added (and should resolve the issue as we found a tear in the old one. While I had it apart to change the sump gasket, took the opportunity to repaint the lower cowl and the paint was flaking off presumably due to improper prep when originally painted. SO... again as it seems to be an opportune time, I decided to go ahead and install new lightweight starter and convert to an alternator.

    Ski installation was on the agenda, but as delays pushed back completion, they will wait... I am so ready for spring!!!


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    This winter... well, so far I've stripped and refinished the valve covers, replaced valve cover seals with silicone, several (small) fabric repairs, installed 8 gallon aux tank, new (LED) beacon, new alternator (Plane Power, really, really wished I had bought an interav when they were still around), an oil filter adaptor (Casper labs) and new yokes.

    Will probably add a new sky-tec starter and new bungees before the end of March. The odd thing is last winter's project was a total panel replacement, so by comparison all of this seems pretty light weight. :-)

    I would highly recomend the Casper Labs oil filter adaptor if you are in the market. While I can't recall the gentleman's name, their engineer described the install steps and needed additional pieces over the phone as if he were looking at the back of the engine with me. After some advice and a few extra bits, it went right together. Now if only the PlanePower alt were so straight forward.

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