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Thread: Fly-in Missouri to Minnesota Family Reunion 2014

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    Default Fly-in Missouri to Minnesota Family Reunion 2014

    Last week I took off from home base Roosterville, (Liberty) MO, narrowest asphalt runway 20' and headed up to Fleming Field, South St. Paul, MN KSGS for a family reunion and hit some airports in MN and WI (did 12 airports in one day). Flew into Sky Harbor (Duluth) MN KDYT which is right down on the water of Lake Superior (water to the left and right as you land). We had lunch, made a visit to the #1 train museum in the nation and then got back to the airport and headed up the north shoreline (over Lake Superior) and viewed the Split Rock Lighthouse (passed around it). Took some amazing pictures I wanted to share. I put on over 1,000 air miles on my plane and LOVED IT!!!

    The young man is my great-great nephew, Alex who has never been in a small plane before and took the controls and is a pure natural flyer. He maintained altitude, course and could do clearing turns as if he has done them a hundred times!!! He is 14 and next year taking lessons and will solo at 16 (his plan).

    The photo of the harbor is Duluth, MN and that is the world famous Lift Bridge that goes up to allow the huge ships to come into the harbor.

    The Split Rock Lighthouse is 20 nautical miles north of Duluth and one of the most visited landmarks in the state.

    Alex and I flew into 12 airports in a huge circle trip of MN over to Wisc and back around home to Twin Cities. Alex and I both had 'hands-on' controls and he landed the plane at 3 of the airports with my guidance. I wanted him to have a "feel" of the pattern and glide to landing and 'kissing' the runway. He is sooooooooo HOOKED on flying he can't stand it. We got back home to fuel the plane and tie it down and by this time it was getting dark so I had the night lights on which gave him a whole new perspective of the aircraft and he saw the strobes bouncing off the ground and instruments aglow in red light and he said, "Oh man, I can't wait to do night flying with you Uncle Tom, this is totally cool looking and to see my town from the air at night would be amazing." I promised him I'd be back home and we'd do it. But DANG, those MN bugs are terrible and all over the windshield and wings in a 'snap'. I forgot how bad they are Up North (as my peeps say).

    My plane:
    PA-22 '135 1953 Piper Tri-pacer

    ENJOY THE PHOTOS and I have more coming so watch for more photo posts from me here.


    TOM EDMONDSON, BORN 1953 and own 3 1953 vehicles

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    Great pictures Tom. Keep them coming

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    Love it...great photos.


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