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Thread: Mid-america - swpc august 2014 meeting

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    Default Mid-america - swpc august 2014 meeting

    ATTENTION: Mid American - Short Wing Piper Club Members -and- ANYONE THAT WANTS TO JOIN UP.

    ==August Meeting==
    Saturday, August 9, 2014 @ 11:00am (sharp)

    Marshall, MO Municipal Airport Transportation will be provided from the airport to Bloomfield’s Family Restaurant

    Marshall, MO (KMHL) - FBO Phone 660-886-9855
    Elevation: 779 ft Fuel: $5.35 Phillips 66100LL
    Runway: 18/36 5006 x 75 ft. Unicom: 122.8
    TOM EDMONDSON, BORN 1953 and own 3 1953 vehicles

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    Well, the weatherman didn't cooperate with us for a flyable day. However, six brave souls drove to Marshall. I got lost trying to find the restaurant with everyone following me, but with Thomas's help we found the place. Afterwards we toured the Nicholas-Beasley Airplane Museum. I was amazed at how much airplane history is in this little town.The Nicolas-Beasley NB3 was an amazing monoplane. Only weighed 700 lbs but would hold three people and fly on 90 horsepower. Only burned 4 gallons an hour. Where is this plane when we need it? I have never seen a wing spar even closely similar to the NB3. It looked like barn siding. After the museum tour we worked on the 2015 National Convention. Things are starting to fall into place. It is going to be a fun event. You can fly in the day and take in the shows at night. If you like landing on sod runways, this will be the best Poker Run ever, and at least two of the strips have very nice restaurants.

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