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Thread: PA-22/20 Rebuild

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    Hey everyone, I'm new to the forum, so I'd like to introduce myself and hopefully get some good feedback and tips for rebuilding and restoring a 1957 Tri-Pacer taildragger. My name is Sam, and I live in Statesboro, Georgia, about an hour east of Savannah. About 25 years ago, my father bought a Tri-Pacer and converted it to a taildragger. He flew it often, but about ten years ago, one of his friends (an A&P) told him that he shouldn't fly it because of the condition it was in (last recovered in 1978), so he put it up because he didn't have the time or the funds for the project. Now, I have decided that it is time to get started with the rebuild. Thankfully, it has been hangared for the entire time, and I have found some folks in my area that have experience with rebuilding this kind of plane. I know that I want to do a full rebuild from the airframe up, but I haven't found many resources on how to carry out the project. I'd like to find more people to talk to about it so that I can make sure I do everything right and can be sure of its integrity. I really just don't want to look back and wish I had known about a modification or something that needed to be looked closely at after I am done. As of right now, I am in the process of stripping the airplane and already have the engine, interior, and most of the metal parts off of the plane. My dad rebuilt and rewired the instrument panel back in 1995, and he doesn't want to remove it for the rebuild, but I would like to get it down to bare frame. I have scoured the internet looking for anything that I can use to help me know what all needs to be done, but I haven't had much luck. Any advice, tips, or input would be greatly appreciated.

    I guess my first questions would be: Can the instrument panel be left intact for the rebuild? For the frame, should it be sanded, sandblasted, or cleaned with a wire brush? What should I use to coat the frame once it is cleaned?

    If anyone has any links, steps, diagrams, or resources that I could use, I would really appreciate those as well. Thank you for having me on this forum, and thanks in advance for any replies. I'll post pictures soon!

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    Welcome ....S Whitaker ....

    I Am a new/ old member ...First joined SWPC in mid 1980s when I purchased my Tripacer.... 3 children and 2 moves later ...I am trying to get back into second renovation ... I took frame down go bare metal & completed SB 819 ...
    :...I.replaced metal sheet metal "channels" around fuse tubing ...

    I will be order set of maintenance manuals ... to help finish firewall forward .. will be ordering thru SWPC store

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    Hi Sam. We (my two sons and I) met you at Sun-N-Fun. How is your project going. We are ready to apply the trim color, at home in my garage, to our fuselage. When that is complete we will take it back to the airport and start the final assembly. Hope things are going well and if I can be of any help from a distance please let me know.



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