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    Welcome to the web forum of the Short Wing Piper Club. This forum is open Members of the SWPC. The forum program is a separate from the SWPC web site and as a result members must register separately for the forum. Without registering, you can browse the various forums, but you cannot post or search them. In order to utilize all the features of the forum you will need to be a member of the SWPC and request to be registered for an account on the forums. If you are a current member of the Forum, you may log in as you normally would.

    SWPC members... your account from the SWPC website will not work here unless you have previously registered. You will need to contact the Forum Administrator at ForumWebmaster@shortwingpiperClub.org or at SWPCforums@gmail.com. We have experienced an excessive amount of spam from foreign entities and have had to change the registration process.

    If you wish to register, please provide the following information;

    Your full name
    Your preferred user name which can be the same as the user name used for the SWPC web site.
    Your preferred password. It can also be the same as that used for the SWPC web site. If a password is not provided, you email address will be used and you can edit it later.
    Your valid email address.
    Your birthdate.

    Once your request is received, the administrator will register you for full access to the forums.
    Read the rules by clicking the link at the bottom of the page
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