There seems to be something wrong with my ASI
Flew from Soldotna to Anchorage today for work. Forecast said 20G35 crossing Turnagain Arm. Uncomfortable, but been in worse than that before in my PA-22=150, and calm wind in Anchorage/Lake Hood. Off I went... of the way across Turnagain Arm, I noticed my ground speed... 50kt...??? Looked down at the water, and it looked like I was hardly moving. Then I looked at my ASI and... 120+ knots??? There must be something wrong. That can't be right. Well, here to tell ya! It lasted a couple of minutes and then dropped considerably and ground speed picked up, then back at it for a few more minutes. 50kt GS & 120+kt on the ASI. It was light to mod turbulence while this was happening, too. Checked my ASI against my Delorme tracking points when I got back. I guess my ASI is ok, readings matched up. Pretty impressed with my plane... The Enterprise!
HOWEVER... I DON'T want to do that again!