I've read the archives dating from 10 years ago. All of a sudden I've got poor airspeed indicator performance. It's not the instrument. The new one (well, overhauled anyway) reads the same as the old one. The system acts like it's pinched or something. Poor-boy check (A&P blows on pitot tube through a rubber hose) livens the thing up, but normal operations, well I missing about 50 kts (new instrument outer ring is kts). Thing barely comes alive during take-off run (home plate is at 3,660'), shows climb at full power 500 fpm 44 kts, cruise climb 250-300 fpm 50 kts, Level cruise 2500 rpm 7,500' 55 kts. Ground speed no wind cond. (rare for these parts, but today was), 103 kts. at 2500 rpm 7,500' - about what I'm used to. Well, maybe it wasn't so all of a sudden. In May we went in to the shop for a new interior, and exterior rehab including paint - which involved pulling ailerons, rudder, and elevator. Any response appreciated. Thanks. Dennis