We live in Southeast Alaska and run a fishing camp in the summer. We have world class fishing for Halibut, Kings, and coho.

I teach school and am contemplating getting an airplane and flying again. My location requires a float plane, but my current occupation (teacher) limits my entry options as most seaplanes start north of $100k.

I've been looking at PA-22's on floats and that is where I'll probably start. I've got two options - buy one set up, or buy a standard tripacer and modify it. (fuel line move stc, left side seaplane door add, wing extension, long prop, float fittings and floats, conventional gear mod)

QUESTION is this: Looking for A&P who would like to perform/oversee some or all of these mods in exchange for room, board, and charter fishing for halibut, king salmon, and or coho.

Fish in morning, work in afternoon eve or every other day or etc - week, or a couple of weeks, I'm totally flexible.

Could develop into an annual event....

Mark (907) 254-4038