Hi all

Total nube here interested in fitting my rather large self into an early tirpacer with bench seat.

All I need is a bit more headroom, a bit more leg room and a bit more shoulder room. OK maybe that is a little silly but in most ways true.

I have read that there is a seat mod on this forum under mods but can not find it. Can some one lead me to it or otherwise help me with the issue of additional leg room.

I found one alternative to getting more head room using a skylight ... Stewart I believe I like this but it is about $3K and on the other coast from me. Any one have any ideas for me here.

Now the shoulder room issue is almost a joke but i wonder about window mods for this.

I am sure all of these questions have been beat to death but I am just not finding the answers so I ask you guys for some directions to those answers or any encouragement you might have.

Yes I know the obvious solution of a different type aircraft but I really like these little planes and want to explore possibilities before moving on.