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Thread: Colt owners in San Antonio, TX

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    Default Colt owners in San Antonio, TX

    We recently acquired a 1962 Colt, tail dragger with 135hp. My friend, Rhett Pratka and I, Stuart Leno, Air Force reserve buddies, bought the airplane from his elderly grandfather Allen Pratka. The plane has been sitting in a hanger on his rural property just south of San Antonio, TX for the past 11 years. Fortunately before it was parked, grand dad, who is a former Air Force fighter pilot, properly stored the craft and we are now going through the plane to get it air worthy. Prior to being parked it has about 50 hours on an overhaul. Since the hanger is located on Rhett's rural property we will be using a pasture/grass field as our home airfield.

    I have a license but have not flown in many years since my time in the Navy. Rhett does not yet have his license. Fortunately, we have a friend who is a Air Force C-5 instructor pilot and also a civilian flight instructor who is going to get me current and tail dragger certified and will instruct Rhett in getting licensed.

    We have purused this forum and have gleaned useful information that has assisted us in getting our plane prepped for flight.

    NOTE: If there are any San Antonio area members we would like to possibly borrow a shock cord tool as we haven't yet located the tool in the hanger his grand father used and we need to replace bungees.

    Attached is a photo of the aircraft as it's been sitting for the past 11 years and I will post another after she is refurbished.
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