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Thread: Iowa PA-22/20 owner, new to forum

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    Post Iowa PA-22/20 owner, new to forum

    I'm from East Central Iowa, just South of Waterloo. Have a 54' PA-22/20-150. Also, a 57' PA-22/20 project. Started my flying in a 172M in high school and then moved to Rotorcraft. Have most of my flying time in Bell 47s. I farm and work with my family running an aerial application business during the summer months.
    I Purchased the PA-22/20 project first, 3 years ago, In hopes I would get it up and going, but realized with getting married and a child, it wasn't going to happen as fast I once thought. But mainly, had a dear friend and aircraft mechanic that was going to help me passed away in a sudden and tragic accident. I'm 29 years old now, when I bought the project, I was single, no kids, lots of time, and had a plan that changed suddenly.
    What brought me to buying a PA-22/20 was the fact my grandpa and great-grandpa had several pacers and tri-Pacers during the 1950s. They sold and built cowin steel buildings & corn cribs throughout the midwest, but primarily Iowa. They would use the short wing pipers to get to job sites, saving lots of drive time. They did travel frequently with the Flying Farmers Organization, going to Mexico on one trip with a tri-pacer. So I guess you could say I felt at "home" with the idea of owning a short wing.
    The project I purchased was a 57' PA-22/20 with an overhauled O-320. After a couple years of not making much headway, I found a 54' PA-22/20 that needed a motor. I ended up taking the motor/prop/dual brakes off my project and had them installed on the 54' PA-22/20. I got my tailwheel endorsement in a citabria and transitioned to the PA-22/20. Have been flying the short wing ever since. Its a real joy to fly! learned quick to respect strong crosswinds with those short wings. It has a date with a vortex generator kit in the near future.
    Still have my project and would like to build it up someday. Not in a huge rush, but would be fun to complete sooner then later. I posted on the projects forum looking for recommendations on finding someone interesed in recovering it, preferably in the midwest.
    Hope to make it to a short wing piper convention at somepoint, but it is going on during my busy season. But you never know. Thanks for having this forum!

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    Hello and welcome!
    Iím a short hop north of you in the Twin Cities and Iím an A&P IA and PA-22 owner. Iíll watch for your posts on your restoration project and try to help when I can.
    Keith @ KMIC


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