Bob Finlay Here, from Medway Maine.

I joined when I was living in Colorado, but since the divorce, moved back to Maine, where I've spent most of my adult life.

I'm a practicing Physician Assistant, at 72 years old, have a current medical, and own my seventh airplane now.

Over the last 10 years, I've owned TWO PA22's/150hp, and still love them. Got a chance to buy a beautiful Cubby build by WagAero, with a 150 Lycoming, high time, but recent EXTENSIVE Major Top overhaul. Always loved Supercubs too, and belong to their forum group also.

I work as a volunteer on the SWPC website and post frequently to the Facebook page when I'm not in FB jail for my political posts. 17 more days from today on this present 30-day jail term. I didn't get any 'tats' or find Jesus while in here, and my politics are best not discussed on any forums. Just say I disagree with what is going on.

I'm planning on flying my Supercub to the SWPC upcoming Convention in Wichita. That will be a major X-C trip for sure.

Cheers to all. Watch for a new post soon, on "Gone West" which will be in memoriam of our fellow pilots, members or not, who have made their final takeoff.