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Thread: Piper MLG question.....

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    Default Piper MLG question.....

    I am trying to determine if an aircraft's landing gear STC has gear legs made by
    Light Aircraft components----- or if possibly the gear was home made or I think more likely than home made --- a set of salvaged pa-20 MLG legs. The current STC holder
    (Univair) sounded like he MIGHT consider helping me -IF - I can show the legs were made by the company that he bought the STC from. (light aircraft)

    I have paperwork where the info packet was ordered from light aircraft but NOT the
    official page you get back from them once it has been completed and inspected. (also no log book
    during that time--- I think there must have been one---- as I believe this was done at an FBO local to owner)

    So here is my question...…
    If this thing DOES have piper brand pa-20 gear legs on it (it is a pa-22/20 now)

    Did piper stamp a part number on their gear legs somewhere that I can find and
    show these are piper gear legs ? ( I hope they are not---)

    If yes--- where would I look for the numbers--- I would expect L and R to have different numbers ---

    I asked the fellow at Univair if their legs had serials or identifying marks--- and he said NO. But Im not sure that means the previous holder of the STC (light aircraft
    components) didn't stamp something into their earlier legs. Can anyone out there
    with light aircraft brand gear legs comment on how to identify them ? Part #, distinguishing
    shapes, something unique I can demonstrate their likely origin to univair (and maybe an IA)

    The guy univair looked it up by aircraft serial number and didn't see anything on his computer. I did not think to ask him if his data included the earlier companies data. But I think it would have to...…. I would think STC holder would be obligated to keep
    forever records of who their products are sold to. ( in case of AD)

    I know this is pretty obscure---- but if anyone would know -- it might be yall :-)

    I have the FAA records CD on order-- waiting for that.

    Thanks for any tidbits of info milked from the either------


    PS--- I did see after doing some web research that piper gear legs had 1+1/4 axles where as aftermarket commonly had 1+1/2 (looks like there were a few aftermarket 1+1/4 ones too)
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