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Thread: Tri Pacer Rear Seat Harness Options

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    Default Tri Pacer Rear Seat Harness Options

    Short Wing Friends, your help is needed!
    To better protect rear seated passengers, I would like to install H or Y type shoulder harnesses.
    On this and other forums, I could only find info on front seat installations.

    Any ideas, tips and suggestions are very much appreciated.

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    I just purchased new shoulder harnesses for the FRONT seats at Oshkosh this year (sorry to just add to the pile of front seat applications). I actually just received them yesterday and I'm headed out to the airport today to see what it'll take to install. See the installation info below as I believe this can apply to both front and back seats. Also read the STC (I'd link to it, but my membership renewal seems to be messed up right now and I can't access it).

    What I bought:

    How they install:

    • Metal tube clamp goes around a structural tube above the front seat-back (gotta cut a slit through headliner)
    • Metal piece gets sandwiched between ears of tube clamp
    • Shoulder harness feeds through the sandwiched metal piece

    Looks pretty simple, but I'll find out later today. I think the hard part will be not completely destroying my headliner trying to install lol. The point is that all you need is structural tubing to attach to, and I believe there's a structural crossbar above the rear seat-backs. Installation would be the same as the front.

    Keep in mind that these Wag Aero shoulder harnesses come with lap belts (it's a combo package).

    Here's an old archive thread with some good info about installing the Wag Aero or other harnesses for the rear seats. Some good info, specifically from user JohnW (however I didn't read the whole thread, it's long, so there might be even better stuff further down).

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    Edited 2019.08.11 @ 1:55pm EDT: Added old archive thread paragraph and link

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    Default Update on front install

    Shoulder harness installation update: 2019.08.24

    My dad and I installed the shoulder harnesses (front) and it went pretty smoothly. Below is a rough overview of the process, with notes on how it would work for a rear seat install.

    Front install process:

    1. Removed center overhead light / speaker housings - provides lots of additional room to get your hands up there (this would be your biggest obstacle in a rear install; the rear seats don't offer an easy spot to get your hands in, more on this below)
    2. Cut slits in headliner roughly the width you need, about 0.5" to 1" forward of the overhead bar (in my PA-22, there's a small diameter headliner bar just below / forward of the larger diameter structural bar, slit should be 0.5" to 1" in front of structural bar - use provided diagram to determine lateral position)
    3. Reach in with snap-on tube clip provided in kit and snap it on centered with slit in headliner
    4. Use needle-nose pliers or similar to clamp down on the clip (to bring the clevis together) and install the shoulder harness loop and mating hardware (this was the hardest part, having 2 people helps)
    5. Thread the straps as shown in the diagram

    Notes for rear install:

    • Not having a good access point (like the overhead light / speaker section in the front) is going to be the biggest obstacle
    • There is a lateral structural tube behind the rear seats (according to some very rough drawings I saw) - I don't know if it's the same diameter as the tube used for the front
    • Probably need to prop up the tail if you're going to be working the rear seat / baggage area
    • Be care of the load limit in the baggage area, I'm not sure if that's due to floor structure or some other reason
    • I'm thinking your best bet is to cut away a considerable portion of the headliner in the rear, then install, then use fabric glue along with strips of fabric (to cover the seams) to put the headliner back together

    That was my experience and my thoughts on a rear install. My dad helped CONSIDERABLY (he's the real airplane building expert, I just help). Hopefully this info helps you out!

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    If you take a look at the fuselage drawings on the CD, you will note that there is no strong crossmember up and behind the rear seat to attach a shoulder harness to. I would suggest that you take a look at drawing 15033 which shows the seat installation along with a method of installing a rear seat harness. I used Hooker harnesses in the front in part because they don't utilize a clamp around the crossmember above the front seat. They just wrap the belt around the crossmember. It works great and looks decent.

    Tom Anderson
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    Hey guys, if you look at the Piper parts manual for the PA-22, figure 11 you will see that Piper offered shoulder harness for the rear seat. It was installed on S/N 22-2425 and up with a part number of 13129-03 for brown and -05 for black. It took 4 for the rear seat and my hat shelf has the notch to clear the straps.

    Steve Carruthers

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