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Thread: PA22 Conversion to Taildragger

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    Question PA22 Conversion to Taildragger


    I have a PA22 which has been converted to a PA20.
    I have just carried out the first check flight on it and found that I had to put in quite a bit of aileron into it during the landing flare. With no wind to speak of, this didn't seem right.
    A flapless landing required the same direction aileron but not as much. (I put this down lto the faster speed)

    Landing with full flap at the lower speed definately required the aileron.
    I found as the aircraft slowed I required more left rudder to keep straight but then required the right aileron input. (A crosswind technique - but with not crosswind.)

    During the landing roll I relaxed on the rudder to see where the aircraft wanted to go - TO THE RIGHT.

    My query is - Is this normal for PA22/PA20 conversions or is there someone out there that could let me in on any secrets as to some sort of corrective action????

    The rudder trim has quite a bend to the left on it.
    We haven't started fiddling with the position of this just yet.
    Waiting to see if anyone has any other suggestions.

    Thanks very much

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    There have been good discussions on rigging, including adjustment of the vertical fin. These threads are in the General Maintenance section under: What's wrong??? and Rigging (bending) the vertical fin. Pdf files of Piper service memos on rigging and an article by Frank Rush on the same topic are available at this web address:home.earthlink.net/~andy2220/id4.html.
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    Thanks very much. Will look that up

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