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Thread: 2021 International Convention Update

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    Default 2021 International Convention Update

    Lock Haven Convention details/schedule
    By Gene Keller
    Convention Co-Director
    Early arrivals: taxicab, camping, RV parking:
    Lock Haven Taxi 570-893-8294 runs 6 am to 6 pm Mon.—Sat., but only 6 am to 12 noon Sun. If there is a gap in taxi coverage on Sunday afternoon, maybe the other early arrivals who drove-in with their cars can assist.
    The official opening of Sentimental Journey is Tuesday the 22nd, but some infrastructure and airport/town shuttles will be available for our normal arrivals on Monday the 21st.
    Town Shuttles: Sentimental Journey will have timely town shuttles to/from hotel check-ins during arrivals and during our week long schedule to serve our other activities and tour bus runs and flying needs.
    Covid 19 Precautions: Of course, mask wearing is required while in the buildings, buses, and where directed outside. We are expecting both PA state and NY state to announce less restrictive covid measures timed around Memorial Day.
    Camping and RV’s: The Sentimental Journey has a site for camping and RV information. The phone number is 570-893-4200. The link is http://www.sentimentaljourneyfly-in....php/directory/ The camping and ‘tent by the plane’ registrations and fees are done at the yellow trailer on the field after arrival, during the regular Sentimental Journey week, which opens on Tuesday.
    Things to do: For the Clinton County web site and things to do, the link is https://www.clintoncountyinfo.com/cl...isitors-bureau They have a lot of information on the area and activities.
    Airfield map and Sentimental Journey operations: (i.e.: right hand traffic for both parallel runways 27L&R, be aware of no radio Cubs in the area and pattern, be aware of camouflage (non yellow) Cubs. The link is http://www.sentimentaljourneyfly-in....ps-procedures/ Again, right hand traffic if landing to the west.
    SWPC Convention parking is proposed along the fence line on the south side of the property (see map), parallel to the grass runway and grass taxiway starting at the Piper Museum northeast corner (red hold line), and spaced down the fence row west to east (approx. 35 planes) overflowing into the rows of the Sentimental Journey parking. Parking is with the tail next to the fence, nose facing the runways. (see the picture for the first spot and direction of the next):Ribbon markings on the fence for the tail and colored centerline paint should help out the spacing. If you tie down, that is your space for the week. We will have staff helping to park and tie down planes Sunday afternoon and all day Monday. If you are an earlier arrival (Friday, Saturday), the starting point (picture) is just east of the hold short line, next to the Museum parking lot, where I am standing. The fuel truck can be summoned to your tie down spot; FBO operations number is 570-748-5123, with pay at the truck. You must bring your own ties downs, please.

    Convention Schedule
    Convention registration table: (volunteers appreciated) will be open all day Monday on the third floor (Aztec Room) of the Piper Museum. The hand outs in tote bags will include Clinton County info., Sentimental Journey info. (including their judging form) and SWPC lanyard and name tag with your prepaid venues indicated. The Piper Museum will be open all week to registered convention goers. Sentimental Journey will be open all week to registered convention goers. As your planes arrive, your luggage can be brought upstairs using the elevator, and stay with you thru registration until the town shuttles get you to your hotel check-in.
    Board meeting roughly 3-5 pm on the third floor (Aztec Room) .
    Sentimental Journey is hosting the meet and greet/welcome dinner Monday at their food court pavilion
    from 5 pm on.
    Flying poker run, morning, barring any morning fog, with local airports featured in a handout. Queue up on the third floor Tuesday 9am. The air boss will help sequence the planes into departure slots and map the local patterns of the remote airfields. Volunteers appreciated.
    Driving poker run: Tuesday morning (fog will not a deterrent) poker run and scavenger hunt , last stop at Woolrich Outlet store. Queue up on the third floor 9:30am. Volunteers appreciated.
    Members lunch/meeting/seminars: Tuesday noon lunch and then throughout the afternoon.
    SWPC airplane judging in the afternoon. Separate Sentimental Journey aircraft judging is being conducted all week.
    Seminar featured speakers will include Ed Watson, Doug Kulick, David Schmaus. Hand propping instruction is TBD. Could use a good Vagabond donated for that purpose.
    Bus tour to New York state locations: Corning Glass Museum in the morning and Harris Hill Sailplane Museum in the afternoon. Lunch stop in-between at a local mall, with multiple choices for dining.
    Bus tour to Pennsylvania state locations: PA Tech College A/P School in the morning and Lycoming Engine Factory in the afternoon. Lunch stop in-between at a local mall, with multiple choices for dining. The Lycoming Factory allows NO phones or cameras inside on the tour. We will have an SWPC Representative stay with the bus and bus driver, with your devices left in your seats until after the tour.
    Convention banquet – Featured speaker, Clyde Smith Jr.; Door prizes, Raffles, Aircraft awards, Where-to next year? Starting around 5:30, till 08:30.
    Friday: Mere Museum flyout: Friday morning, queue up at the head of the flight line, at the (west) museum end. Lunch will be at their museum, and then the afternoon frees up to return to Lock Haven or head on home from there. Air boss will help sequence the aircraft.

    Remaining week and weekend of Sentimental Journey activities: Spot landing (Thursday), Flour drop (Friday), seminars, Cubs flying all day, Saturday evening banquet. If you have a winning Short Wing in the eyes of Sentimental Journey, we will see to it that your prize gets to you, even if you left earlier on Friday or Saturday. The sentimental Journey Saturday night banquet tickets are available at the yellow trailer during the week. Reserving their banquet tickets ahead of time might be available by calling 570-893-4200.
    Fly/drive safe.

    (Editor’s note: Gene added that any last minute changes because of the Covid-19 provisions would be noted in the SWPN Supplement or – if time permits – on the club website. In the meantime, make your plans to be at the convention – we’re all looking forward to seeing you. Remember, it’s our annual family reunions and since we missed last year, we’re due for a good time!)

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    Thank you to everyone that came out to this wonderful convention! If you couldn't make it you missed a good one, and you will read about it in the SWPC News!

    Great seeing everyone,



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